Eating Out

The farming communities of the Inishowen peninsula take great pride in the fine quality of their produce, particularly lamb, beef and potatoes.

With limited use of fertilizers, locally produced food is virtually organic. For generations, Inishowen potatoes were in demand in overseas markets.

While fish stocks are in decline, local restaurants make every effort to offer the freshest seafood available, particularly oyster and lobster in season.

In Ballyliffin district, restaurants serve only the freshest products sourced whenever possible from the local area so that visitors can enjoy the authentic taste of Inishowen, from the hands of world renowned chefs.

The village has two high-class delis serving coffee and take-away meals, and for the visitor on-the-go, there is an excellent choice of traditional foods, in addition to Chinese, Indian and Italian in towns and villages near Ballyliffin.

With a sprinkling of an Inishowen welcome, why not enjoy the taste and hospitality of the peninsula on your visit.